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Report of a Troll

Reported By: ISA


Nick: ISA / ISA2 or Merti

Alias: None


Violation: 1st I want to point out that he did stop all of this after MYT Soundman did join.
Its from all his rounds that he did play yesterday and today. I was in almost in all of his rounds and I think I was his number one target.
[From all those rounds in with he did play only 1 teamkill was made by other player you ll see the reason in body block]

-2 Teamkill.

-9 Injured officers.

-Killed 1 hostage and injured at least 3 by shoting them in the foot.

-Its not in the rules but did claim that he Can ban players.

-Body block at least two times until round ended and one time until he was killed by other player for it.

-Also not in the rules but he plays with my name most likly to confuse other players into thinking that I am a troll but I might be wrong.

-And for some reason started to say "I am happy when ur president died" , "I cheered" also he said something like "And you sport team" but I dont have ScreenShot of that.
I ll add that I am from Poland and he talks about Smolensk disaster

Its not an evidence but its pretty clear in SWAT 4 History that after he did join and played also did raise amount of Injured officers and other panelties.
From clsoe to 1-2 minor thing like shoting a sus to 1-3 injured officers and other stuff like dead hostage or even dead officer.

Unfortunately I dont have more evidence then those Screenshots unless you ask players that have been in some of those games like Harry or Matador_Rgb

I suggest a permBan because he was already reported yesterday.
And most likly ll continue been an troll unless There is a admin on the server or at least someone with MYT

Have a nice day!
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Re: Rapporto di un troll

hey m8 and is still active
I checked and added another banned
thx report

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