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Intentional teamkills, troll and not just once.

Reported By: swatter + BRAVOSIX.

Date: 20.11.2020

Nick: texas|SWAT_lieutenant / Bulgarian|DoctorMed

Alias: none

IP: I don't know how to catch his IP. Could even be dynamic.

Violation: Teamkills, shoots, camping far away.

Evidences: decided not to record anything as I wasn't expecting this day to be so unlucky for me, BRAVOSIX may be evidence as he's also invloved.

Comments: At Food wall he blocked vip going BW. I shot him once to move and he killed me twice after that. Then at Meat Barn he tried to piss me off by shooting at my leg or killing me constantly, then I got kicked because I couldn't hold it anymore. BRAVOSIX was also annoyed from him.
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Re: Intentional teamkills, troll and not just once.

thanks for the report

camping is allowed anytime and anywhere.
if you have a situation of team kill injured etc. call an admin in discord or write it in the pulbic channel on discord so it is possible to intervene immediately

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