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Bad player "clement"

Reported By: ISA

Date: 07.07.2021

Nick: clement / Willy / |MYT|Willy>M< ... /overview/

Alias: None [ I am unsure what it means, like other players that help him or other nicknames?]

IP: MYT COOP server -

Violation: 1x teamkill, 2x injuring a fellow officer, spraying fellow officers with pepper spray, murder of at elast 5 arrester suspect, murder of at least 1 stunned/surendering suspect, body blocking a player in small room,


Teamkill -
Injuring a fellow officer on the 2nd one its hard to see but I am stuned and you can see him looking at me on his CAM -
Pepper spraying fellow officers -
Murder of arrested suspects, I after his 1st or 2nd kill i didnt make screanshots to prove that he did kill more that one guy -
Murder of stunned/surendering sus, unfortunately I have been late with the screanshot so I cant prove that this sus wasent aiming unless Tetu conforms it becasue I and him stuned that sus -
Body blocking Tetu in small room

Comments: I alredy reported him on discord, he was warned. I dont expect that he ll get banned or kicked unless he continuous to break rules with I ll report. He also didnt speak ENG for like 95% of the time? or at least it did fell like it.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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Re: Bad player "clement"

thanks for the report I have already reported this player so the other admins can see and intervene if necessary

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