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Goz and SL_SHARK 🤡🤡

My last post here, don't really care cause I know no one takes this seriously but it need to exist for the record.

Goz started team killing me repeatedly (he even got kicked by jess and rejoined to continue) for no reason. Ultimate clown kid that isn't punished.

Shark teamtazed, teamnaded, bean bagged and killed me multiple times in the span of 2 maps even was KM and svea were present and they took no action. They didn't even have the decency to check logs and kicked me instantly when I killed him after multiple abuses.

This is proof that MyT is an endless shitshow with no admin response even when admins are present to the abuse. It also shows that they have favourites in the server and do not punish them no matter what they do.

Really sad that a bunch of weak people can do whatever they want and similarly others do not take action in their hands when they see it in front of their eyes.

Really **** sad the state of the game and more importantly these people.

I actually feel sorry for you, you must be living some very depressing sad lives and the only thing where you have power is a dead fps game that literally 50 people play on earth.

Apparently, I was right when I responded to violence with violence sine admins literally do not give a **** on rule breaking as long as they are winning and its their 2-3 mentally challenged humanoids animals.

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Re: Goz and SL_SHARK 🤡🤡

Hello eS.

Thank you for making a post here, describing the issue. And I want so say ty for restraining yourself in the server and asking an admin for help.
Im not an admin, therefore I could not solve the problem in the server. But, I did contact one of our web-admins for help.
I saw what they did to you in the game, and Im sorry I couldnt intervene directly in the server.

You know what I think. I think these players got tired of your bad attitude and the way you act. That doesnt give them the right to break the server rules, but thats why they did that to you. imo.
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Re: Goz and SL_SHARK 🤡🤡

admins must not do any favors or preferences towards players. doing this is a violation of the admin rules which is not tolerated I will go and see the server logs to understand what happened. the rules must be applied to everyone without distinction otherwise they are worthless and only chaos is created. km is known to be too tolerant of players but I don't understand that he has any preferences towards players. however I will do a survey to the rigurado to get all the answers. thanks for the report

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