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Reporting Rules
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Author:  |MYT|Torq [ 25 Jan 2011, 11:06 ]
Post subject:  Reporting Rules

At least 1 clear, preferably un-edited, video of the cheater in action. ( post multiple clips rather than merge videos )
Cheaters name will have to be seen in the video.
( If player is on the other team you will have to kill/arrest them in the video so it shows their name in the chatlogs )

Cheaters IP address.
If you are not admin and dont have access to this in game you will have to ask for it here ( if evidence from MYT server ) so it can be retrieved from Server chatlogs. Provide time and date to assist checking logs.

Other IPs if shown should be, where possible, blanked out to provide privacy.

Reviewing Cheats.
Please comment yes or no, and provide a reason for doing so
Any posts that go off topic will be removed.

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