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george_bush420 banned for unknown reason

Hello, I am Hausemaster, also known as george_bush420 and the owner of the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft called 2b2t. I recently got banned on your MYT SWAT 4 server and I don't even know the reason why. Yes, I do know that your server has rules and my Minecraft server 2b2t doesn't, I am just not very used to this kind of thing for which I want to apologize.
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Re: george_bush420 banned for unknown reason

hi welcome to the forum. You were given a temporary ban that has already expired for killing the VIP.
follow the server rules try not to kill the VIP I know it can happen. RULES
Do not use cheats, glitches or bugs.
Do not accuse of cheating ingame. Post evidence on forum instead.
Do not insult others.
Racism is not tolerated on our servers. This is not a place to discuss politics or religion.
Do not use provocative names.
Use English only. This is an international community.
Don't attack your team.
Don't spam.
Do not argue with admin warnings and decisions. Share your complaints on forum instead.
VIP Escorts
Spawncamping/killing/nading is allowed only if the VIP is near the spawn area. If you go past enemy spawn without VIP, you can shoot/nade back only once fired upon. Being inside the opponent's spawn and killing is not allowed unless the VIP is inside as well.
Do not disconnect from the server while playing as the VIP.
Please focus on the VIP rather than individual score. This is a team game.

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