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Re: Invitation to match

(R34)CAMPER wrote:Anyone can come to the R34 if he wants
I'm sure about that L0L
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Re: Invitation to match

(R34)CAMPER wrote:do you think that I beg you to this match
Begging another clan to make a fun match would be awkward, wouldn't it? :lol:
(R34)CAMPER wrote:your ideas about R34 false.
We got your point, and there is a major disagreement there. Each side seems to be talking about a totally different clan.

All those people having bad thoughts about your clan must probably be wrong and they must be part of some collective hysteria. :lolno:
That's probably better we don't contaminate you with it by putting some safety distance between you and us.
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Re: Invitation to match


Except for your personal mismanagement, I think MYT does not seem to agree with R34 at all. It's to bad that within the gaming communities there are so many differences. One thing we have in common with the Clans we often play with, is that fair play is priority regardless of the smaller disagreements in rules, ect.

It seems that our members, including me, feels like your clan has the lack of that. Which brings us to a conclusion of this main topic:

We can not accept your challenge request.

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