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||ESA|| vs |MYT| RD match

Posted: 06 Jun 2015, 16:22
by bravo
Hey guys,

As we are the only clans left in competitive part of swat 4 why we dont play a fun match.
Date : tomorrow 20:00 CET( 18 GMT)

Mode: RD 5v5 or 6v6

Maps : 2 maps (2 or 4 rounds per map as u like)

Rules : our tournament rules Here
if u want summary:
Camping allowed
Spawn Rape after 3 seconds
Double switch not allowed
Foodwall main windows and red library wc window are not allowed.

Server : ESA 1.1 server,

P.S: I think antics is installed in the server, i dont think its needed but anyway keep it ready
contact me: aljoker2022

Re: ||ESA|| vs |MYT| RD match

Posted: 07 Jun 2015, 19:13
by |MYT|oo7
Hi Bravo ! sry i missed your invitation ! to be honest i was thinking the same since we didnt meet each other in tournament . Playing a match against MYT from day to day is hard . I was afk this days so we can set a day from next weekend as you wish :)