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Complaint for admin Kolea SrM

Hello all

I would like to post complaint to your admin named Kolea SrM. I am new in 1.1 version , I play pirated TSS for 3 year before but got game on GOG.COM and want to try some new in 1.1 . Yesterday I join Your server and after some time of play, player with name KINGKONG insult my mother (which died few years ago), so I shoot him with LL so I get kick - but no problem I understand it my anger and no bad feeling there. BUT ! This guy keep insulting other player mothers and talk bad language and he did not get kick ??? Then Kolea SrM change my name to "reltih" which is HITLER in backward ?! When I ask why change my name he reply with "I don't care" and say "You use VPN" . Yes I use VPN always becaus I do not like to be tracked and that is my right as individual - I know you take people IP and I do not want to share mine. I politely ask if that is a problem and if it is not allowed to use VPN ? I got no response. Then I change my name back to "koala" and say to Kolea SrM that it not funny to change my name to HITLER in backward (maybe it is funny to him but many people die because of it) and I say that I hope he is not high admin becaus this behaviorr is not aceptable! And I got BAN? I come back and ask why but I have no response and he just leave ???

I have to say this is not aceptable and it is amateur! If he think I am someone else who use VPN at least say? It not like I cause trouble or insult people like KINGKONG? Finaly if VPN is not allowed then I am sorry but I will not play on Your server.

I hope there will be action against this behaviorr or at least explain why acting like that. If complain on server not allowed I am sorry for that , but I no see it in rule. I politely asked...

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Re: Complaint for admin Kolea SrM


The ban is lifted.
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Re: Complaint for admin Kolea SrM

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Re: Complaint for admin Kolea SrM

Thank Trollzila.

Kolea SrM, I never played with that nickname and I do not see connection between that player and me you try to say ?? I use Czech VPN but also other countries. I join Your server first time yesterday. I would appreciate if you atleast talk to me and respond to my question in server - we could solve this without problems ...

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Re: Complaint for admin Kolea SrM

hi sorry for what happened on the server. Unfortunately, most of the players who use vpn do so only to create chaos and this tends to be wary of players who use vpn. there is no rule that prohibits using vpn even if in this case I recommend not to use it on swat then if you want to use it you are free to do so.
thanks for the report I will resolve the situation

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