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Problem connexion to swat4

hello guys, i try to join swat4 servers after all reinstalled (format computer), and i installed the patch to get swat4mod server list in game, and i got it, but when i try to join a server, im only getting bar coming but never ending and then saying "Too much time to connect.

Normally i opened my 10480 and 10481 ports on my box, so i dont see what happens.

PS: I found its coming from firewall, i forgot it ;D

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Re: Problem connexion to swat4

hello it does not depend on the firewall because your connection is outgoing

as far as your timeout error is concerned, if it's a MYT server you will probably find that some game file tries to download the game again or install it in compatibility mode
swat.exe log may be useful. so I can help you better
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Re: Problem connexion to swat4

Make sure that server is not full already.

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