Suggested Server hoster

Hello guys,
Since you are searching for new hoster, I would like to say why not Rugi?

His servers are well known in swat of low pings and best performance, I think you and all mates in MYT server will be very pleased with his hosting.

here is some information about his servers:
"Server has intel 4 cores @ 4100 MHz, 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz, located in Frankfurt/main and connected to DE-CIX (one of the or even the worlds biggest interconnect point with 1/1 gbps, also full FTP access and a tool to start, stop or restart the server. It costs 15€/month via Paypal"

You can contact him in steam :
I hope you consider this, also if you need money open a section for that, I think a lot of people will be happy to help move forward and get better server quality.


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