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Custom Resolution 
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Set custom resolution


Useful if your used to having 1920x1080 resolution and suddenly finding 1024x800 being forced annoying. (i know i did!)

Open Swat4x.INI and find


These two variables control Width and Height respectively. e.g. for 1920x1080 set them to:




10 Jan 2013, 19:35
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I have this problem over 2 years with my laptop, i have resolution 1366x768 .......... and yes i already did set costum resolution in .INI file but at me its doesnt change. :cry: :cry: :cry:


10 Jan 2013, 20:18
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try the command "setres 1380x768x32" in game


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10 Jan 2013, 23:45
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|MYT|Kuchar wrote:
Why not make sense? Dude 1600x1200 is wide and dont have black area around screen, even 1280x1024 have it.. Annoying thing..

It doesn't make sense cause 1600x1200 is a old standart almost never really used. It's not widescreen (usually 16:9 or 16:10). Just check -> 1600 / 400 = 4 | 1200 / 400 = 3 -> 4:3 screen format.

So, if you are having black area arround screen in a widescreen monitor, its all fine, cuz the game was made to run in 4:3 format.

If I remember well, not only the monitor, but the newer video-cards doesn't support 1600x1200 anymore, which was used in analogic signal.

My card is a GTX-580 (I guess it's the same card of Torq) and it doesn't have 1600x1200 screen mode.
SWAT4 Log wrote:
Log: Enter SetRes: 1600x1200 Fullscreen 1
Log: Flushing viewport 0x9F22F80
Log: Finished flushing viewport 0x9F22F80 in 0.044 seconds
Init: Best-match display mode: 1600x1024x32@60

Note that if I try to use 1600x1200 in GTX-580, since it's unsupported, the game will force the nearest supported resolution. (1600x1024 -> 16:10 | 1600:900 -> 16:9)

Keeping using my card and my monitor as example, when I type: setres 1920x1080x32 (which is the native resolution of my monitor) the game doesn't hide GUI, but if you compare with 1280x1024 (the max resolution for 4:3 format in newer video-cards) you'll notice that top & bottom areas of game are cuted-off.

So we lost some screen areas using a 16:9 format.

A real widescreen scene involves in FOV change, then you can really take advantage. But take advantage over another players isn't cheat?

Finally, some monitors don't auto-recognize 4:3 format anymore (or don't leave you set it manualy) and stretches the 4:3 image to widescreen image... its weird, but still playable. In my view you'll need to pay attention in a huge area of screen.

What's probably happening is a side-touch pan, so be sure of supported video modes of your graphic adapter and auto fit resources of monitor.

It's not common wide-monitor with 1200 lines (WUXGA 16:10), so you will spend graphical processing to render invisible lines. Those lines will be lost with its information; among other issues...

The best image is always the monitor native resolution. Although you will have the widescreen issue above; so to keep best performace and FULL view of desired scene, you must use a 4:3 resolution (yep, black areas in wide monitor).
|MYT|dimonkey wrote:
Open Swat4x.INI and find

Swat4x.ini to expansion; Swat4.ini to Swat 4 :)


11 Jan 2013, 07:22
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