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Forum Rules

Welcome to MYT - Enjoy our Forums

Please read the following carefully...They are guidlines set out for MYT Forums & are for everyone's benefit.

Forum Global Moderators are : dimonkey, Serge, Trollzilla & Torq

No swearing in public forums
Not everyone accepts swearing and wants to be part of a community where bad language is present. Remember that the forums have members from all different backgrounds and cultures.

No insulting/Flaming/Personal Conflict of any kind.
No one likes being Insulted or having heated personal arguments. ..Remember this kind of thing can escalate & gives a bad impression of our Community. If you have an Issue with anyone use PM and/or Discord.

No accusations.
If you think a player cheats or is behaving badly in our servers, post with video proof of their cheating & screens for Bad behaviour in our Report Room. If you merely suspect a player but have no proof, PM or email an MYT member and we may well look into it for you. Do not, however, accuse ppl just because they are better than you.
MYT does not allow cheating of any kind and has a firm anti cheat policy in the Community.

Please speak English only
This is not discrimination, it is so that all ppl will understand what is being said.

Do not post anything illegal
This includes but is not limited to …cracks, links to prohibited Websites such as cheats, pornography.. etc

No advertising.
Advertisement is not allowed without the express permission of The Clan Leader or Team Leaders

Please note that registering Does not entitle you to use our Tag in your nick.
Use of it is by Invitation only. (Please see Join Board)

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